Oct 16

Organizer of E3 Says GamerGate Threats are Just ‘Wrong’

The nation’s top video game trade group spoke out this week against all the threats that have been made towards women in the gaming industry.

“Threats of violence and harassment are wrong,” an Entertainment Software Association (ESA) spokesman told The Washington Post. “They have to stop. There is no place in the video game community—or our society—for personal attacks and threats.”

The ESA run the E3 gaming conference, the biggest gaming conference of the year. New reports of female gamers being harassed have emerged recently and these comments came along with those reports. Game developer Brianna Wu had to call the police last week and even left her home after all the abuse and threats of rape sent to her on social media site Twitter. She tried to make light of the whole “GamerGate” situation and it backfired on her terribly.

This is, quite unfortunately, not the first time that Brianna has been attacked online. She is the co-founder and head of development for Giant Spacekat, who produced Revolution 60. Revolution 60 is a science fiction RPG for the PC, Mac, and iOS.

Anita Sarkeeisan, who created the Feminist Frequency channel on video sharing website Youtube was also left with no choice but to leave her hoem after she received threats on Twitter. She was also forced to cancel and upcoming appearance at Utah State University. The University chose to allow concealed firearms even though she had received anonymous threats online and she feared for her safety.

The whole GamerGate controversy exploded over the summer when a writer for Gamasutra Leigh Alexander critized the state of gaming in op-ed published in August. It’s “kind of embarrassing,” she wrote, adding that “it’s not even culture. It’s buying things, spackling over memes and in-jokes repeatedly, and it’s getting mad at the Internet.”
A lot of gamers took offence to the piece and began Operation Disrespectful Nod, which is a campaign using social media sites to hit back at websites “that are attacking gamers.”

As a gamer myself I have a vested interest in GamerGate. I’d like for it all to blow over but it seems every time it’s about to, someone else says or does something stupid to keep things going.

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