Dec 13

New Wearable Device Could Mimic Psychoactive Drugs

Wearable devices are the hot ticket this year; and as is the case with most new pieces of technology, there is a chance that people will get addicted to the joy or convenience or mystery they offer.

But a new wearable device can feed another kind of addiction. It is not a piece of communication technology, unless you count communication between the synaptic gaps of the brain. You see the latest wearable device, Thync, could mimic the effects of certain drugs—depressants or stimulants—without the side effects and, lets face it, the expensive upkeep. The device, works by using neurosignaling algorithms to trigger the brain to release neurotransmitters.

CEO Isy Goldwasser said “We’re not wired to call up our best focus, energy and self control at will, but we know we have them inside us.” He basically explains that this is one way to be able to do exactly that, adding, “The power of neuroscience and neurosignaling is, we can access the pathways and regions that trigger these modes.”

Thync, as a company, seems to understand that the brain knows how to relax or how to energize or how to focus; we just do not have full conscious control of these faculties all of the time. A device like this would make this more of a reality.

So far, Thync says they have raised $13 million in venture capital from Khosla Ventures since launching their plan in 2011. Samir Kaul of Khosla Ventures said “Thync is at the groundbreaking intersection of neuroscience and consumer technology.”

This consumer technology Kaul speaks of is a class called transcranial direct-current stimulation. Doctors have used their understanding of the science behind transcranial direct-current stimulation to treat depression, learning disabilities, head injuries, and poor memory for years already.

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