Aug 31

New Facebook Search Feature Soon Available

So Facebook is changing things up again. Don’t worry, it looks like this time they might have actually done something with users in mind.

Facebook, apparently obsessed with tracking lifelines, want to make old posts more readily available to you. Their new search feature will make it easier for you to find old posts and conversations with your friends by searching relevant key words.

You may recall that Facebook has tried similar feature in the past. The ‘Graph Search’ in particular—a feature which allows users to find certain information compared with known variables—comes to mind. While not everything always works according to plan or early speculation Facebook is always willing, it seems, to take risks in order to present users with more ways to interact with the network.

That’s probably the most important aspect to any change that Facebook makes—it should be interactive, but it should also be intuitive. If there’s a learning curve, it may not be too easy to sell the new search option.

Fortunately for Facebook—and for the users who are interested in the feature—it seems that the new search option will, indeed, make things easier for users. After all, what’s the point of having a system in place that can catalog every conversation you have ever had if you can’t go back in time to find a particular conversation and reminisce about it later.

Of course, the search option is usual in other ways too: someone shared a website with you but you forgot which one? Search it out. Need a phone number or a link to a google map and it is somewhere in your Facebook messages? Done. Did your friend recommend a book or a movie? Get it quickly.

Obviously the implications could be endless; and perhaps that is exactly what Facebook is banking on this time. The app is still in development.

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