Sep 28

Ford Mustang Pipes Fake Engine Noise through Speakers

More fuel efficient engines have their advantages and their disadvantages. While no one would complain about lower fuel costs, some drivers complain that hybrid and electric vehicles are uncomfortably quiet. Drivers of muscle cars especially enjoy the sounds of a powerful engine. To give drivers the best of both worlds, Ford has admitted to pumping false engine noise into the cab through the car’s speakers.

The Mustang has long been considered a staple of American muscle cars, along with its competitors the Chevrolet Camaro and the since discontinued Firebird. Performance vehicles can no longer be made the way they used to be, as new legislation regarding emission standards and consumer expectations of higher fuel efficiency have caused automakers to produce vehicles that no longer perform at a level that consumers have come to expect from American made machines.

The new fuel efficient engines can produce similar results to the traditional four cylinder engines, especially when fitted to much lighter vehicles with frames made of lighter modern materials such as carbon fiber. The sound of the engine however is not comparable to the sound of a traditional engine in any way. The gas guzzling roar of the traditional engine has a powerful sound that an electric device will never be able to match.

Ford addresses this issue through the use of what it calls an “Active Noise Control”. The system is designed not only to eliminate background noise that the driver might find undesirable, but also to provide what Ford describes as an “authentic” driving experience. The chief engineer of the Ford Mustang described the process as reproducing amplified engine noise through the speakers in the vehicle after it is “processed” for a more ideal listening experience. However Ford insists this isn’t fake noise. Right.

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