Sep 07

Doctors Determine Bras Are Safe

It once appeared in a thrilling novel by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer. It was the first time anyone had ever suggested that bras can contribute to breast cancer. In the novel “Dressed to Kill” the argument is made that a woman who wears underwire bras are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer. And this occurs because the bras cause toxins to build up inside the breasts.

The American Cancer Society, of course, refutes this, pointing out there is no proof. But a new study has looked at 454 women with invasive ductal carcinoma and 590 women who have an invasive lobular carcinoma. There was also a control group of 469 women. Each group of women were asked several questions about how often and how long they wear a bra. They were asked what year they first asked started wearing a bra, does their bra have underwire, what is their cup size?

“There have been some concerns that one of the reasons why breast cancer may be more common in developed countries compared with developing countries is differences in bra-wearing patterns.” Says Lu Chen, MPH. Chen is a Public Health Sciences researcher at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as well as a doctoral Department of Epidemiology student at the University of Washington School of Public Health.

Chen also said:
“There has been some suggestion in the lay media that bra wearing may be a risk factor for breast cancer. Some have hypothesized that drainage of waste products in an around the breast may be hampered by bra wearing. Given very limited biological evidence supporting such a link between bra wearing and breast cancer risk, our results were not surprising.”

Still, research shows there is no link between mammary cancer and breast support.

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