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Dec 28

What Can a Water Ionizer Do For You?

We shareyour feelings about the beneficial powers of life giving water and it’s importance to healthy living. Water is the giver of life. Water is also the sustainer of life. Studies have shown that the average human can survive weeks and sometimes months without food. Those same studies have shown that the average person would die in a …

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Nov 24

Space Companies Investigate Asteroid Mining for Many Potential Reasons

Right now, three different organizations are developing long-term strategies for gathering resources from space. Obviously NASA is one of them, but also Deep Space Industries, and Planetary Resources. Their primary target? The primary target, would be: Asteroid mining. The new industry known as asteroid mining is important because asteroids host ice and rock, of course, …

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Aug 16

Parasitic Plants Can Exchange Genetic Material with Host Plants

If you heard there was a study involving talking parasitic plants you might be concerned that the musical Little Shop of Horrors has become a strange and grim reality. While this is a fanciful idea that someday might get the Broadway treatment, scientists have discovered that some members of the Strangleweed species of parasitic plant …

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