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  2. Welcome To The Streaming Content Generation — November 29, 2014
  3. What Can a Water Ionizer Do For You? — December 28, 2016
  4. Ever Heard of Bowfishing? — January 9, 2017
  5. New Online Tool to Check the Health of your Heart — November 16, 2014

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Dec 13

New Wearable Device Could Mimic Psychoactive Drugs

Wearable devices are the hot ticket this year; and as is the case with most new pieces of technology, there is a chance that people will get addicted to the joy or convenience or mystery they offer. But a new wearable device can feed another kind of addiction. It is not a piece of communication …

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Nov 29

Welcome To The Streaming Content Generation

Streaming content from the internet is the new trend, particularly as the web and wireless networking continues to become more and more integrated with household devices. Both Netflix and Hulu continue to grow in popularity as are various “internet tv” channels. This has prompted many people to ditch cable and traditional programming for streaming options. …

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Dec 28

What Can a Water Ionizer Do For You?

We shareyour feelings about the beneficial powers of life giving water and it’s importance to healthy living. Water is the giver of life. Water is also the sustainer of life. Studies have shown that the average human can survive weeks and sometimes months without food. Those same studies have shown that the average person would die in a …

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Jan 09

Ever Heard of Bowfishing?

Instead of a rod and reel, bowfishers use bowfishing bows to shoot fish with. A method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish. You may want a special or more convenient bow in order to bowfish. Bowfishing with a longbow is a somewhat clumsy affair because of the length of …

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Nov 16

New Online Tool to Check the Health of your Heart

A website has been developed by the researchers at Harvard T.H Chan of Public Health to let users determine if they were at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. By understanding the symptoms, they could try and take measures to lower the risks. There are no charges for taking the “Healthy Heart Score” survey. You answer …

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Nov 15

DreamWorks and Hasbro End Negotiations

Hasbro had the plan to purchase DreamWorks and talks were going well until DreamWork’s stocks were analyzed and found to be too shaky for such a handsome asking price.  The deal would have put a whopping $2.3 billion in Hasbro’s pocket, as well as use of the animations company name that is known for so …

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Nov 09

Cockroaches To The Rescue!!

It may not be an attractive idea on the surface, but North Carolina University researchers have developed a rig that could put cockroaches to good use. They made a proverbial “electronic backpack,” a rig that contains a computer chip and microphones and a few tiny solar panels. What kind of rig would need all of …

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Oct 24

Apple Pay Glitch Charges Some Users Twice For the Same Transaction

It wouldn’t be a new tech release if there was not one or two snags and Apple Pay has finally encountered its first one. Apparently, some Apple Pay users have been getting charged double for purchases they made. “We apologize for the inconvenient and are correcting this issue immediately and all duplicates will be refunded,” …

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Sep 14

Apple Pay Takes Major Hit, Wal-Mart and Best Buy Will Not Use System

You win some, you lose some. That’s all Apple can really say after Wal-Mart and Best Buy announced that they would not be implementing the scanners necessary for Apple Pay to be used in their stores. Apple Pay uses a near field communication (NFC) to connect with the latest iPhone to allow the user to …

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Aug 31

New Facebook Search Feature Soon Available

So Facebook is changing things up again. Don’t worry, it looks like this time they might have actually done something with users in mind. Facebook, apparently obsessed with tracking lifelines, want to make old posts more readily available to you. Their new search feature will make it easier for you to find old posts and …

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