Jul 23

Apple Granted Patent for a Device Named iTime

Apple was on Tuesday awarded a patent for the ‘iTime” device by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This adds evidence to the speculation that Apple is developing a smartwatch.

The patent does not reveal much information about Apple’s plans.

The patent describes an electronic device to be worn by the user that will be able to communicate with additional device. The display part of the smartwatch will be a mobile device and will be able to function while not attached to the wristband. Once the mobile device is connected to the wristband it will be able to communicate with another device such as desktop computer, a tablet or a phone.

Apple may include haptic sensors in the wristband which could allow control with gestures. A horizontal movement of the arm might be one gesture with an input option such as accepting an incoming call.

In some drawings making up the patent the device is labeled as ‘iTime’ though the name is not a trademark of any company under USPTO.

“Portable electronic devices are commonplace today,” wrote Apple in the document. “In some cases these portable electronic devices can be carried by a user with relative ease.” It can be put inside the user’s pocket, clipped onto clothing or worn by the user.

The document added that accessories have been used to offer additional functionality to portable devices. However, there is need to reduce the size of portable electronic devices and make them more portable. The functionalities of the devices should also be enhanced.

Apple is yet to acknowledge that it is developing a smartwatch. However several leaks from the giant electronic company have pointed to the likelihood that one is under development.

Apple had originally submitted the documents back in 2011 and it is possible the design details are not related to the smartwatch Apple is said to be developing.

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