Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 29

Welcome To The Streaming Content Generation

Streaming content from the internet is the new trend, particularly as the web and wireless networking continues to become more and more integrated with household devices. Both Netflix and Hulu continue to grow in popularity as are various “internet tv” channels. This has prompted many people to ditch cable and traditional programming for streaming options. …

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Nov 27

Vultures are An Important Part of the Food Chain

Many people wonder how vultures can eat decaying carcasses. After all, dead animals have given way to enzymes and organisms which break down flesh and bone. Obviously eating this way is not something that every animal can do, so scientists set out to understand it. “To investigate vultures’ ability to survive eating this putrid cocktail, …

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Nov 24

Space Companies Investigate Asteroid Mining for Many Potential Reasons

Right now, three different organizations are developing long-term strategies for gathering resources from space. Obviously NASA is one of them, but also Deep Space Industries, and Planetary Resources. Their primary target? The primary target, would be: Asteroid mining. The new industry known as asteroid mining is important because asteroids host ice and rock, of course, …

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Nov 16

New Online Tool to Check the Health of your Heart

A website has been developed by the researchers at Harvard T.H Chan of Public Health to let users determine if they were at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. By understanding the symptoms, they could try and take measures to lower the risks. There are no charges for taking the “Healthy Heart Score” survey. You answer …

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Nov 15

DreamWorks and Hasbro End Negotiations

Hasbro had the plan to purchase DreamWorks and talks were going well until DreamWork’s stocks were analyzed and found to be too shaky for such a handsome asking price.  The deal would have put a whopping $2.3 billion in Hasbro’s pocket, as well as use of the animations company name that is known for so …

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Nov 09

Cockroaches To The Rescue!!

It may not be an attractive idea on the surface, but North Carolina University researchers have developed a rig that could put cockroaches to good use. They made a proverbial “electronic backpack,” a rig that contains a computer chip and microphones and a few tiny solar panels. What kind of rig would need all of …

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