Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 31

New Facebook Search Feature Soon Available

So Facebook is changing things up again. Don’t worry, it looks like this time they might have actually done something with users in mind. Facebook, apparently obsessed with tracking lifelines, want to make old posts more readily available to you. Their new search feature will make it easier for you to find old posts and …

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Aug 24

Police Searching for a California Man With Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

This man’s illness is so serious that there was a warrant issued for his arrest. The young man, age 24, named Agustin Zeferino recently decided to stop treatment for his highly contagious disease. What are we talking about, a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis. He hadn’t been seen at treatment for two weeks according to Santa …

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Aug 16

Parasitic Plants Can Exchange Genetic Material with Host Plants

If you heard there was a study involving talking parasitic plants you might be concerned that the musical Little Shop of Horrors has become a strange and grim reality. While this is a fanciful idea that someday might get the Broadway treatment, scientists have discovered that some members of the Strangleweed species of parasitic plant …

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