Dec 13

New Wearable Device Could Mimic Psychoactive Drugs

Wearable devices are the hot ticket this year; and as is the case with most new pieces of technology, there is a chance that people will get addicted to the joy or convenience or mystery they offer.

But a new wearable device can feed another kind of addiction. It is not a piece of communication technology, unless you count communication between the synaptic gaps of the brain. You see the latest wearable device, Thync, could mimic the effects of certain drugs—depressants or stimulants—without the side effects and, lets face it, the expensive upkeep. The device, works by using neurosignaling algorithms to trigger the brain to release neurotransmitters.

CEO Isy Goldwasser said “We’re not wired to call up our best focus, energy and self control at will, but we know we have them inside us.” He basically explains that this is one way to be able to do exactly that, adding, “The power of neuroscience and neurosignaling is, we can access the pathways and regions that trigger these modes.”

Thync, as a company, seems to understand that the brain knows how to relax or how to energize or how to focus; we just do not have full conscious control of these faculties all of the time. A device like this would make this more of a reality.

So far, Thync says they have raised $13 million in venture capital from Khosla Ventures since launching their plan in 2011. Samir Kaul of Khosla Ventures said “Thync is at the groundbreaking intersection of neuroscience and consumer technology.”

This consumer technology Kaul speaks of is a class called transcranial direct-current stimulation. Doctors have used their understanding of the science behind transcranial direct-current stimulation to treat depression, learning disabilities, head injuries, and poor memory for years already.

Dec 04

Study Finds that Time Frame of Food Consumption May Be Crucial For Weight Maintenance

According to a research team at the Salk Institute, restricting food consumption to a specific 8-12 hour window during the day may be more effective in preventing high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Basically, the research suggests that you a midday snack is much better than a midnight snack.

Salk Institute associate professor Satchidananda Panda said “These days, most of the advice is, ‘You have to change nutrition, you have to eat a healthy diet. But many people don’t have access to healthy diets. So the question is, without access to a healthy diet, can they still practice time-restricted feeding and reap some benefit?”

So the researchers took 400 mice of various weight ranges (from normal to obese) and put them on very strict diets which fed them their food over varying lengths of time.

In the study, they were able to determine that mice fed a high-fat diet but who were only allowed to eat their food within a 12-hour time slot were actually healthier and thinner than the mice who were allowed to eat the same food at any time of the day (and even though both groups of mice consumed the same amount of calories).

Furthermore, the results were roughly the same for a high fat diet a high sugar diet or a high fruit sugar diet.
Lead study author and postdoctoral researcher Amandine Caix responds “The fact that it worked no matter what the diet, and the fact that it worked over the weekend and weekdays, was a very nice surprise.”

The study also showed that the occasional venture outside the 12-hour window probably would not make a difference at all. One late night weekend splurge, even, probably would have no lasting negative effect.

Nov 29

Welcome To The Streaming Content Generation

Streaming content from the internet is the new trend, particularly as the web and wireless networking continues to become more and more integrated with household devices. Both Netflix and Hulu continue to grow in popularity as are various “internet tv” channels.

This has prompted many people to ditch cable and traditional programming for streaming options. If you own a blu-ray player, a next-gen gaming system, or an internet-ready television then you can access various types of programming through the internet. If your television is not quite web-ready, then you can also invest in a small, set-top-box alternative that can connect your television to a web-tv provider for a very small price.

But which device should you get? There is Chromecast and theAmazon Fire Stick and then there’s also device like Roku. Aside from the fact that Roku is a small box that sits next to (or behind) your television and Chromecast (and Fire Stick) amounts to a USB stick (Flash drive) there is not much difference between the services. Roku boasts access to 1,800 channels but—as you probably know with cable—you will really only watch a few of those channels.

Still, you can potentially get access to a wide variety of cable channels and specialty networks like ESPN and Comedy Central.

If you are already an Amazon Prime member, however, you might appreciate that the Fire Stick will give you access to your free Amazon content on your television. At the same time, if you are also an HBO subscriber you should know that HBOGo is not available with Fire Stick; you will have to get Chromecast or Roku instead.
The only other difference between might be the price; but it’s the holidays right now so just keep in mind that each peripheral will set you back only about $30-$50.

Dec 28

What Can a Water Ionizer Do For You?

We shareyour feelings about the beneficial powers of life giving water and it’s importance to healthy living. Water is the giver of life. Water is also the sustainer of life. Studies have shown that the average human can survive weeks and sometimes months without food. Those same
studies have shown that the average person would die in a matter of days without water. Our planet is about 70% water, coincidently, our bodies are 70% water as well. Blood is the most important component for our existence and it is made up of 94% water.

Water is essential for the normal operation of our bodies.

It helps to maintain our normal body temperature and help to keep our bodies from overheating. Water helps to clean out the waste from our bodies. Water helps with our weight regulation. Water is essential for the proper function of our organs. Without water our body shuts down and we die.

Search for the best Water Ionizers

Despite these amazing facts, we in the developed nations of the world take the presence of clean water for granted due to its abundance. In under developed countries people are forced to trek miles and miles by foot daily, in order to gather water for cooking, drinking and bathing.

People in less developed nations often drink dirty/unclean water simply because they have no choice and as a result, water born illnesses are the norm.

In the more developed countries, we are beginning to open our eyes and realize that not all water is equal. More and more people are turning to purified water in bottles, spring water and various water purification systems for our homes. Still, this is not enough. Quality and purity of water whether through purification or otherwise is always in question and with water playing such an important role in your health and survival, do you really want to take a chance by filling up your body with impure water?

Skeptics question the science of ionized water and the benefits of water ionizers. Ongoing research suggests that bacteria and viruses are not able to survive or thrive in alkaline environments. Ionized Water and the science of water ionizers comes from research into this area. Ionized water is water for a healthier you. For more information about Ionized Water, let you search for the best water ionizers products on the market.

What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water, also known as alkaline water is electrolyzed reduced water. When a water ionizer electrolyzes water, the new water that forms at the cathode or negative electrode is called alkaline reducing water. Alkaline reduced water is rich in active hydrogen, which in itself acts as a reducer. Reducing is beneficial to the body because of its ability to oxidize toxins that can build up in our cells, which are more commonly known as free radicals. By oxidizing these toxins our overall body functions are improved. The acidic ionized water that is produced is used for washing and disinfecting.

What are the components of Ionized Water?

  1. Ionized water is a powerful antioxidant.
  2. Ionized water is full of oxygen.
  3. Ionized water is up to six times more hydrating than regularwater.
  4. Ionized water is detoxifying.
  5. Ionized water is alkaline.

How do we know the alkaline and the acidity levels of substances?

pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” The pH scale is used to measure the acidity and alkalinity of substances. Water that is known to have a high pH is said to be rich in active hydrogen, which acts as a detoxifier for our body. It is said that water with a pH level of less than 7 is full of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. The ideal pH level of water is believed to be 9 or higher.

There are many claims as to the wonders of ionized water and there are many water ionizers on that market each stating that their product is the best. Sites like Ionized Alkanine Water Machine allow you to search for the best water purification systems and compare top water ionizers.

Which will be the best water ionizer for you?

You’ll have to decide for yourself. If you’d rather not buy a water ionizer, it is believed that distilled water and water purified through reverse osmosis, which can be purchased at your local grocery store are more alkaline than tap water and through the processing phase a multitude of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms are removed, thereby making it healthier and more beneficial to your body.

How do Water Ionizers Work?

Water ionizers work by ionizing or electrically enhancing water. The water becomes ionized by being run over positive and negavie electrodes. This process serves to separate water into 70% alkaline and 30% acidic. The alkaline or ionized water is use for drinking, and offers many health benefits.

For instance ionized water’s low surface tension allows for greater absorption of water and nutrients into the body. The acidic water on the other hand can be used for washing and offers the potential of killing various types of bacteria.

Nov 27

Vultures are An Important Part of the Food Chain

Many people wonder how vultures can eat decaying carcasses. After all, dead animals have given way to enzymes and organisms which break down flesh and bone. Obviously eating this way is not something that every animal can do, so scientists set out to understand it.

“To investigate vultures’ ability to survive eating this putrid cocktail, we generated DNA profiles from the community of bacteria living on the face and gut of 50 vultures from the U.S.A. The vulture gastrointestinal passage is a hostile environment,” reports Lars Hestbjerg Hansen, a microbiologist with Aaruhus University of Denmark. “Our findings enable us to reconstruct both the similarities, and differences, between the bacteria found in turkey vultures and black vultures, distributed widely in the Western Hemisphere.”

The results actually served to explain more about the birds of prey than researchers probably originally anticipated.

“These vultures will consume virtually any dead vertebrate—mammal, bird, snake, fish. They prefer recently deceased organisms rather than extremely putrid carcasses. For example, day-old road-killed deer are perfect,” adds ornithologist Gary Graves from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, in the nation’s capital.

“Our results show there has been strong adaptation in vultures when it comes to dealing with the toxic bacteria they digest,” says study lead author, University of Copenhagen doctoral student Micheal Roggen. “On one hand, vultures have developed an extremely tough digestive system, which simply acts to destroy the majority of the dangerous bacteria they ingest. On the other hand, vultures also appear to have developed a tolerance towards some of the deadly bacteria—species that would kill other animals actively seem to flourish in the vulture lower intestine.”

More importantly than the fact that vultures eat dead animals, but they also help to dispose of the infectious microbes which inhabit the carcasses, which is good for all other organisms.

Jan 09

Ever Heard of Bowfishing?

Instead of a rod and reel, bowfishers use bowfishing bows to shoot fish with. A method of fishing that uses specialized archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish.

You may want a special or more convenient bow in order to bowfish. Bowfishing with a longbow is a somewhat clumsy affair because of the length of the weapon, which makes it difficult to handle in the cramped confines of a boat or bowfishing platform. Aiming such a large bow downward might prove difficult as well, and for this reason, most bowfishing bows are either recurved or compound bows.

A compound or recurve bow with a draw anywhere from 40 to 50 lbs is recommended. If you plan on fishing bigger fish like gar, be aware that you will need more power. The minimum pull on a bow intended for larger fish should be around 45 pounds, since there must be enough force to drive the arrow straight through the water and into the target fish.

Bowfishing bows will not require an ordinary archery sight, because such aiming devices are rendered useless by the refraction and depth-perception effects of water. Instead, it will probably utilize an anchor reel seat to accommodate a bowfishing reel and will likely come with a reel attached already.

Bowfishing bows typically have “aquatic camouflage” coloration, which involves either an aqua color or a camouflage pattern in several different tones of aqua and blue. Weather this has much impact on the hunt’s success is questionable, but it is possible that the bows will blend in more with the sky than ordinary bows and perhaps, might not alarm the fish.

While you can modify a standard bow and arrow for bowfishing, beginners are better off heading to their local sporting goods store to get specialized bowfishing bows and arrows. Be sure to check out one of the best and most knowledgeable bowfishing pros and full service proshop in Wisconsin, F & D Archery. Fred’s 40 plus years of experience in archery and the designer of the original bowfishing, Strait Shooter Rod, Pro Reel Seat and Pro Rest has revolutionized and brought this sport to what it is today.

You don’t need a special or high-tech bow in order to bowfish. Use either a compound or recurve bow with a draw of anywhere from 40 to 50 lbs. If you plan on fishing bigger fish like gar, be aware that you will need more power. While you can modify a standard bow and arrow for bowfishing, beginners are better off heading to their local sporting goods store to get specialized bowfishing bows and arrows. Improperly modified bows can lead to dangerous mishaps like arrow snap-back.

Nov 24

Space Companies Investigate Asteroid Mining for Many Potential Reasons

Right now, three different organizations are developing long-term strategies for gathering resources from space. Obviously NASA is one of them, but also Deep Space Industries, and Planetary Resources.
Their primary target? The primary target, would be: Asteroid mining.

The new industry known as asteroid mining is important because asteroids host ice and rock, of course, which means they also have minerals, metals, and silicate materials as well as carbonaceous from the deepest regions of space. Mining asteroids could provide us with more materials to use on Earth but, more importantly, mining asteroids could yield extremely beneficial as we look to the future and start exploring our neighboring planets. Mars, for example, is first on that list.

But one reason why asteroid mining is important has to do with water. Asteroids are generally made out of ice, which means they are generally made out of water. Water, of course, is an extremely important resource in space, but it is especially important since spacecraft are often powered by solar panels, which could then, actually, break the water down into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. By virtue of this process, then, endless space travel would easily become more commonplace.

Apparently, though, there is another very good reason for mining asteroids. While some movies and other science fiction stories may have suggested that an asteroid could hurl its way to earth and destroy life as we know it, it has never really been approached as a possibility. However, with asteroid mining at our fingertips we would also know the chemical and physical compositions of these frozen space rocks, which might make it easier to destroy them in the future, should one or more get a little too close to our planet.

Nov 16

New Online Tool to Check the Health of your Heart

A website has been developed by the researchers at Harvard T.H Chan of Public Health to let users determine if they were at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. By understanding the symptoms, they could try and take measures to lower the risks.

There are no charges for taking the “Healthy Heart Score” survey. You answer the questions that are asked in the quiz just as you would answer your family doctor.

If you receive a green, then your chances of a heart attack are low. If it is yellow the danger is moderate and red indicates that you are at risk to developing heart disease.

The data used by researchers to develop the website was based on 61,025 women and 34, 478 men who had no chronic disease when they first began the research in 1986. The research continued for the next 24 years to check how the disease developed in some. They checked various factors such as their eating, smoking and drinking habits. Their weights were checked as well as their exercise regime.

The “Healthy Heart Score” tool also provides tips for changing their lifestyle and leading a healthier life. Research associate, Stephanie Chiuve, department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health says: “The aim of this tool is to encourage people to change their lifestyle habits before they develop heart disease risk factors, like high cholesterol and high blood pressure which often require medication to manage.”

It is a known fact that exercise and diet can promote the well being of individuals in their midlife.

Log on to to try out this survey.

Researchers hope that the above website may help people to lower their risk of death due to cardiovascular disease by 70 to 80%.

The study has been published in the Journal of American Heart Association.

Nov 15

DreamWorks and Hasbro End Negotiations

Hasbro had the plan to purchase DreamWorks and talks were going well until DreamWork’s stocks were analyzed and found to be too shaky for such a handsome asking price.  The deal would have put a whopping $2.3 billion in Hasbro’s pocket, as well as use of the animations company name that is known for so many blockbuster movies.

DreamWorks Animation is responsible for bringing us movies such as Chicken Run and Antz, not to mention the Shrek series.  All of their animated movies grossed more than their budgets and bring in a consistent income in royalties.  With decades of movies under their belt they are a company that is wanted by many.

Talks were just made public on Wednesday and came to a quick end on Friday.  Although DreamWorks Animation is reputable and has great worth, it is a risk to acquire.  While the stock market tells the tale of a hard week, there is no knowing when shares will reach the target price Hasbro was aiming for.

On Thursday alone DreamWorks lost a frustrating $300 million in capital.  After the announcement on Friday the stocks fell quickly.  Ending the day at an astronomically low price of less than $2 a share, it did not come close to the $30 to $35 a share DreamWorks was negotiating for.

DreamWorks has been on the look for a buyer since at least September, as far as the public knows.  Hasbro took the opportunity to make a deal as earlier prospects fell through.  With great movies comes great responsibility.  Unfortunately DreamWorks does not turn out movies on a consistent schedule, which brings in another risk factor; although when they do they are high grossing and often turn into a conglomerate of sales including games, toys, book, and more.  When the stock market speaks, Hasbro listens.

Nov 09

Cockroaches To The Rescue!!

It may not be an attractive idea on the surface, but North Carolina University researchers have developed a rig that could put cockroaches to good use.

They made a proverbial “electronic backpack,” a rig that contains a computer chip and microphones and a few tiny solar panels.

What kind of rig would need all of those things? And what does have to do with cockroaches?

Well, basically, researchers want to turn cockroaches into search and rescue biobots. Cockroaches can access lots of places where humans and other rescue animals, like dogs, cannot access. Furthermore, they are simple creatures which can be manipulated by computers. Cockroach biobots are much better than even tiny man-made robots because the insect already knows how to maneuver through tight spaces; thus it combines anatomy and physiology with technology in a way that has never been done before. And the concept is extremely promising.

Alper Bozkurt is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at North Carolina State University. The senior author of this research paper remarks that sound is easily the best way to find survivors in a devastatingly collapsed building.

“The goal is to use the biobots with high-resolution microphones to differentiate between sounds that matter—like people calling for help—from sounds that don’t matter—like a leaking pipe,” explains Bozkurt. “Once we’ve identified sounds that matter, we can use the biobots equipped with microphone arrays to zero in on where those sounds are coming from.”

Basically, the device works by microphones sending signals back to a computer where humans can analyze the data, probably at a safe distance from catastrophic site. If the cockroach biobot’s microphone detects a human voice, the engineers can steer that biobot—through electronic impulses that manipulate the insect’s antennae—to head towards the sound.

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